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Who We Are

Nilus was formed with a visionary belief that India's economy is poised to grow at an enormous pace and the opportunities are innumerable & therefore what is required, is precise direction and knowledge to encash these opportunities, where consultancy plays a pivotal role.

Nilus plays a pivotal role in sensitizing clients and users of consultancy services on various aspects including quality based selection, consultancy project management, negotiating and drafting a consultancy contract, how to get best out of a consultant.

In the changed policy and economic environment at national and international levels, “Knowledge” is being considered as “Power”, and consultancy is a knowledge based profession. Nilus aims at fostering and promoting intellectual cross – fertilization of knowledge and ideas at regional and sub- regional levels within the country and interaction at the international level as well.

Since its inception, Nilus has been in constant pursuit of its mission to attain excellence in activating, catalyzing, and invigorating the growth of consultancy profession. The Centre has emerged as a nodal agency for the development and promotion of consultancy capabilities in the country and endeavored to contribute towards the growth of consultancy services in the country, through its various programmes and activities.

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