Mission And Vision


The primary objective of Nilus is promotion and development of consultancy profession in the country.

  • To improve business climate and promote Consulting profession through Capacity Building, sharing best practices and incorporating quality, integrity and sustainability in Consulting services
  • To become National think tank on Consulting through Network of Experts, Industry Associations, Professional Bodies, Research and Academic Institutions
  • To become a Knowledge Partner for DSIR/CSIR, other R&D Organizations/Agencies and Government Ministries/Departments
  • To position Indian Consultancy across the globe through Accreditation/Registration, development and implementation of Standards in Consulting and fostering International Collaborations and National programme on Competency Development


Nilus is working closely with various ministries, government organizations, client’s organizations for the promotion and development of consultancy capabilities within the country.

To be a National Consulting arm of Govt. of India and Knowledge Centre for Consulting Service.