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About Project:

The State Crime Records Bureau was established as per the directive of the Central Government. District Crime Record Bureau were also established. The main functions of SCRB are: -

  • To collect and co-ordinate the data from computer network under the Police department.
  • To update the records at the State and the District-level regarding criminals and thereby help investigating officers.
  • To collect and store all the data about various types of M.O criminals, including their photos.
  • To prepare up-to-date statistics regarding the occurrence of crime and connected incidents.
  • To act as an agent to collect the details of offences, criminals and Fingerprints from the authorities concerned.
  • To keep in touch with State Crime Records Bureau of other states and the National Crime Records Bureau.
  • To conduct training programme for officers and men in the computer wing and in the S C R B and D C R B.

The State Government is required to display the details of arrested persons through District Control Rooms and State Level Control Room under Section 41C of CrPC. The State Crime Record Bureau, Bihar, Patna has been designated as State Level Control Room for the State of Bihar. This Website serves the purpose of State Level Control Room as details of arrested persons is not only displayed but it is being continuously updated. The general public of the State will get the desired information through this Website.

Section 41C of CrPC is reproduced below:
41C. Control Room at Districts:

  1. The State Government shall establish a Police Control Room
    1. in every District; and
    2. at State level.
  2. The State Government shall cause to be displayed on the notice board kept outside the Control Rooms at every District, the names and addresses of the persons arrested and the name and designation of the police officers who made the arrests.
  3. The Control Room at the Police Headquarters at the State level shall collect from time to time, details about the persons arrested, nature of the offence with which they are charged and maintain a database for the information of the general public.


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June 6, 2017


State Crime Records Bureau, Bihar

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