Nilus e-learning platform (Learning Management System) or Virtual Learning Environment has several features considered typical of an e-learning platform, in addition to some original innovations like its filtering system. Our LMS can be used in many types of environments such as in education, training and development, and business settings.

We’ve designed our Learning Platform to give you all the functionality you need, and make it a pleasure to use, without the unnecessary complexity we’ve seen in some of the other platforms on the market.

We’ll work with you, at your own pace, to tailor our software around your individual needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach – each school needs a Learning Platform which supports its own culture, ethos and users. From the start of the process, right through to launching and using the new platform, we’ll be on hand to advise and guide you – and we provide ongoing support for as long as you’re using Nilus Learning Platform.

Your eLearning solution starts with an in-depth consultation to determine how best to apply Moodle in your organisation.

Our aims here include to:

  • Understand your business environment so we can customise Moodle to meet your needs;
  • Review your existing courseware, with best-practice examples of how to improve it; and
  • Explain how Moodle works from a teacher, student and technical perspective.

The end result? A set of tailored recommendations designed to make your course engaging and effective.


Nilus Learning Platform has all the features you need for effective delivery of e-learning, allowing you to create courses, store multimedia resources and create assessments such as assignments or self marking quizzes. Collaborative learning is enabled by features such as chat rooms, forums and the internal messaging system. Assessment data is stored within a built in gradebook, and can be accessed via a suite of powerful reporting tools. An extensive library of free plugins allows the functionality of the platform to be extended in a variety of ways.

We take a collaborative approach to planning your new learning platform. At the start of the process, we’ll meet with you to discuss your school’s needs, and how Nilus Learning Platform can be tailored to fit your exact requirements. We’ll also look at how you envisage the learning platform developing over the next few years, and plan ahead to ensure the technology we use will support the system’s growth and expansion.

Usability is at the heart of our design philosophy. We will create a theme for your learning platform which not only matches the branding of your school but also provides users with an accessible and intuitive interface – encouraging engagement. From desktop to laptop to mobile devices, we’ll ensure your new platform looks great and runs smoothly.

We’ll configure a hosting environment which offers the best value for money whilst ensuring a high level of performance and availability, and allows for future expansion. If you have issues with connectivity, restrictions on Internet access in your region, or problems with infrastructure, we can design a solution to meet your needs. This could be cloud hosting, a local data centre, or a server at the school itself. In each case, we manage the hosting and backups on your behalf, delivering a resilient, secure and reliable service.

In the run up to launching your new Nilus Learning platform to pupils, parents, and staff, we’ll assist you in planning the necessary communication and promotional activity to ensure a high level of engagement and involvement from day one. It’s our job not just to deliver a working system, but to ensure the VLE is adopted and used to its full potential by teachers, students and parents – that’s where e-learning really succeeds.

We provide full training for your administrative and teaching staff in the run up to launching the new Nilus Learning platform, ensuring everyone involved is well prepared and feels confident and comfortable with the system. Where possible, we’ll run the initial training sessions at your school. We also offer regular refresher training, to keep everyone up-to-date with any developments, and to bring new staff up to speed.

Once your new Nilus Learning platform is up and running, we’re on hand whenever you need us to answer any questions you may have, assist with any technical issues and provide advice and support on the evolution and development of the platform. We believe in a proactive approach, so rather than just answering the phone when you’ve got a problem with the VLE, we offer advice and guidance on making the most of your VLE, whether that’s recommending plugins to use, innovative ways to structure your courses or advice on engaging staff or pupils.